Saturday, October 28, 2006

Friday, October 27, 2006


Un-believable, considering he didn't get out of round one last year...

I was trying to get to Vegas this weekend to see it myself.. but no tickets cheaper than donating my left kidney.

Probably just as well..

Keep your fingers crossed for my bro!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Not to Jinx....

Saying "not to jinx" ensures no jinxing..

And I'm not superstitious anyway...

So I don't mind telling you that Dusty is in round 6 of 9 in the Remax World Long Drive Championship.


He knocked out the previous world champ...

How cool?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Too Long.

Who knew that Boston's Pizza had a wireless connection? Who knew that there was such a place as Boston's Pizza?

Long time no blog.

Life on the road has obstructed my ability to blog as of late.. and I’ve had some crummy internet connections in my hotels as of late as well. And lets just be honest… I’m spending some serious time being smitten with a certain someone. It’s a very good thing.

Only… I feel as if I’ve left a club of sorts.. I feel as if I finally don’t get to be the one who knows what it feels like to be single. I hate that feeling. I hate knowing that people most dear to me now put me in a “them” category. Ugh. The sheer “Ugh”. Does it not count that I’d been exactly there for ten years previous?

I want to be like the Cary Murphy’s of the world. Cary Murphy, who last year, at her New Year’s Rockin’ Eve party noted I was one of the only people there without significant other to smooch and walked up to me and planted one fat on my cheek. She had no idea at the time how much that meant to me. As if she were almost saying… you know it’s great… and all, but not worth the heartache you make it… you don’t have to “be” anyone to be here with us… it was sweet.

That said, I’ve had some very good teachers on how to be a good fighter, a good receiver, and a good woman, so it’s nice to put those into practice in an actual, real-live relationship. He’s great. But he’s still just a guy.

He’s still not Jesus and will never be.

That said, I have a large text message bill.

In other news, I have elevated my golf game. Wow I shot an highly questionable 85 the other day. On the back 9 I shot at 39. That is absurd for me. It wouldn’t pass USGA scrutiny, but I was hittin the sticks.

Speaking of sticks. Dusty is in Vegas as we speak hitting his sticks, hopefully for some big money. Proud of my bro. He’s da man, the quintessential “Big Deal”.

Cardinals wins remind me of nostalgia of days past. When the Cards won the series in ’82 (saying “in ‘82” makes me sound like a sports bad-ass, yes?) Getting to see my dad jump straight up out of his lazy boy and clap his hands over his head and almost TOUCH THE CEILING made my three year old self much impressed. I mean… the CEILING was far far away to me then. When did world series tickets get to be like buying a small business? I went to the series in 2004 with my Dad on standing room only tickets and they weren’t quite so absurdly expensive. I dunno what happened there. But looks like I’ll be watchin’ from the couch this time.

Speaking of Tickets.. if anyone knows anyway to get USC vs. Notre Dame tickets and can assist me in getting said tickets.. I’ll… I’ll…. Be your best friend. Yeah.. move over Joaquin Phoenix.. the position will be filled.

I hit a possum on the way to Terre Haute this time. That makes my wildlife bloodletting streak go up by 50% in the last two months. I got a squirrel earlier this fall.

Someone told me that if the department responsible for clearing road kill ever went on strike we’d be knee deep in otter brains before Christmas.

Someone else who was not a native St. Louisan or a Cardinal fan told me that if the Arch fell over and crushed the stadium tomorrow, he wouldn’t bat an eye. Heh.

Does anybody remember the Carol Burnette Show?? Wow. I caught a glimpse of an infomercial peddling her collectors edition DVD’s for her show and I was just reminded of how funny that lady really is. Great gams too.

I’m going to buy them, or request them for Christmas or something. The DVD’s not the gams.

I became a statistic for the second time by running over my upper retainer with the lawn mower. Curse that Orthodontist for telling me that his adult patients NEVER lose their retainers.

Reaching way back in blog-history I would be CRAZY not to mention the TOOTH BIKE, Boneless Arm Roast Anniversary special, and horse-drawn carriages build from cornstalks. Thus IS Greenville Illi-noise.

Boo to the Yah.

The crazy hippy pirate praise band the Psalters were there. And they were fantastic. I danced. I danced with the wild abandon of someone who didn’t care who was watching.. I used to never care who was watching. Something changed. Not sure when, but regardless… I danced. In my bare feet in a carpeted almost “garage” in the middle of nowhere… where they had no tickets to purchase, and homemade snacks at the door. Oh memories of college. When shirts were flannel, and things were simpler, only we thought they were much more complicated. Hooray for being the oldest people in the room. Hooray for my two dear friends who make me laugh so hard and who have bacon wallets. YES BACON WALLETS. Oh man.

Stick that in yer bacon wallet and fry it.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Oh Thank Goodness

For the little church volleyball league I find myself playing in.

We play in a gym in a church, the gym behind the kitchen. It's carpeted. We pray before we play and large tattooed men in muscle shirts who love Jesus tell us about the ministry of the church and then we bang balls around in the name of Jesus.

It's even the marooney color of my church that I grew up playing basketball in. Felt weirdly good. Like I can't believe I forgot that this happens around the midwest, I can't believe I forgot. I'm so glad it still happens. After the too-cool-for-school days at washu, the snobby anti small town place for your mind to 'expand', I'm so glad we got to play with Josh, the mentally handicapped sixth man on the other team who never ever stopped smilling the entire time.

The small towners got it right.

On completely different note, I find it ODD that we cant end sentences with prepositions... sometimes there just isn't a better way to say it. Anybody with me? It seems completely arbitrary.

The Apple Picker

He says:
"That's great news".
"I called Adelaide today".
"Lives of Service".
Things are "Stupid Good".
I say things are stupid good.