Thursday, October 06, 2011

Long Time

Has been awhile.   Lots goin on. 

Went to Charleston SC on our honeymoon.   We ate our way through the city, happily.  She-crab soup and salads with bacon-jam on them. (!)  Grand Marnier souffles and fried green tomatoes.  Sweet potato pancakes and lovely local greasy spoons. And grits.  Oh man, did we eat.

Back to a reality that is new and fun. Resting. Building a life together. Nesting. Breathing. Laughing.

Not really cleaning so much.  But we'll get there. I hope.

Road trips to see new family and friends are never dull.

In our apartment. We rent a parking space from our downstairs neighbor, Jeffrey.  He has lived there for 1000 years and makes soup and freezes it.  He has two little white dogs he calls his "boys" and they often chew our welcome mats and sleep against our front and back apartment doors.   It's sweet and weird. Luke put some cayenne pepper on the back one, I think it only served as bait.

Luke looks cute in scrubs.

I have put on all my weight again, I look cute in nothing but circus tents. But he loves me still.

If life goes in cycles, we are certainly in a new one.  One where new friends are now very old and deep friends.  Where I have just completed my 10 year anniversary at my company.  They have also become very old and deep friends.

Friends babies are now almost driving.   My hair has a few grays, my hands more stiffness, my knees creak and groan.  The volleyball court gets more social and less competitive simply because we cannot keep up with the springy young gazelles anymore.   I think striving ceased a little.  It's nice.

Fall in St.Louis is as beautiful as ever and church is starting to feel like home again.

The Lord is ever present, ever faithful, and ever deafeningly silent, like He does.

AND. That blessed day approaches when we get to have a whole extra hour!  My heart dances and sings.

I am thankful.