Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Owls... they're beautiful.

Last night after coaching volleyball I showed up to my workout in jeans.  On accident.  I was already a bit late... I really really don't want to miss this workout, I get to kick things really hard.  And I needed to kick something.
So I go in to the little gym right across the street from my work that I frequent. (Fitness in Motion.. personal trainers, highly recommended) and trainer Matt tells me that he will not let me wear jeans to workout!  Ugh.  Really?  Why not?  He says "No. No way. With what we do, you will ruin them"  After driving all the way back from the city, I didn't want to scrap my time slot.  So we make a deal that he would wait while I try to figure out the best place to find shorts.
I sprint out of the gym to my car and start my mental robo-scan of the area.  Kohls?  Too far.  Walgreens? Maybe...
Wait a minute, sometimes gas stations have t-shirts and stuff.  I distinctly remember a DR trip where we found a 3XL t-shirt that said "If Mama Ain't Happy.  Nobody Happy" at a truck stop.  I think a few people got into that shirt and took pictures. 

Off to the QT I go.   Maybe they have shorts in addition to random trucker T-shirts.  To my chagrin, the QT on Lackland does NOT have trucker T-shirts, or shorts.  They DO, however, have sock caps and gloves if you ever need to know that information.  Say you need to rob the place and you didn't plan well.  Also, they DO look at you funny if you walk into a QT and buy nothing.
Next.  Hmm there is a La Quinta inn... maybe they have a lost and found?  Ew. No.  Next.
I decide that I am going to have to drive all the way to the nearest Walgreens when I pull out of the parking lot and notice the Hooters next door is hoppin. 
HOOTERS?!  Yes....
They sell shirts.  I know it.  Maybe they sell shorts too.  You should have seen the look on the little hot-pants girl's face when I asked her if she had shorts for sale.  She was probably thinkin that I wasn't the "hot pants" type.  Well she was right about that, but she did point me to some hooters boxers on the shelf.   Crotch sewed up.  Perfect.
Sprinted back to the car and got back to the gym.  I burst through the door and shouted a triumphant "HOOTERS BABY!!"  Everyone cheered. 
Pure Genius.  Only lost about 10 extra minutes on the errand and 10 bucks for the shorts. 

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I didn't LOSE my retainer!

Nope. I still have it.

But this time I stepped on it in the dark and broke it.

And FYI, superglue does not fix everything.