Sunday, May 31, 2009

Monkeys, Toes, Pies, Garbage and... oh just read it.

Prolly should be in bullets, these thoughts:

Three weeks, i think, that is the longest we, the residents of 209 Newport Ave, can go without putting the garbage on the curb.

Two bunny rabbits have been wishing me well on my way out the door this past week. I feel like Snow White.

I cant tell you when i have been more at peace. I am not even waiting for the dropping of the other shoe. This doesn't mean I have any more knowledge of the future, I just have more trust in the goodness of the Designer.

I wonder if there are people who actually make their beds everyday. I wonder what their problem is anyway.

Exactly half of me is sick of the interior of my home. I want to have someone come in and make it "cool" and inviting and artsy and stuff. I want to make people feel welcome, but maybe not as cool as me and my space. The other half of me wants to tell people that my hand me down stuff is "cool' as it is, because I have purchased none of it, and it kinda goes together, even if it's old and every bit of it has a story. Very few things have I purchased. The art work of my friends and family are the stories hanging on the walls. The dining room table I have was my parent's and I have eaten around it since I was a baby. Sara from college left me the awesome retro chairs. I wonder, though, which half is better, the half that cares about the stuff being polished and new, or about the stuff being meaningful and important...maybe it's just stuff still and I shouldn't really care what people think of it and my stories. Maybe I'll just paint. That may help.

The same halves of me are warring on whether or not to care about the digital TV revolution. I admit I have looked at sexy flat screen TV's. But I also admit since I stopped paying for cable, I like me more, I compare me and my life less, I have more time and I watch shows that I like intentionally with people, or I watch them online if I want to, and I haven't missed a thing. I rent DVD's more and I read more books now. If I lived alone, this is the way it would stay, as the money, to me, is not justifiable. Dusty likes watching sports though...and he may win.

So it's no secret to those who know me that I have been creeping around like an old lady these days because of this drug i am taking that is shredding my joints. I am almost done with the drug and the entire left side of my face is completely zit-free for the first time since I was probably ten years old. I have felt my skin for the first time.

John came to visit and we made pies.

My book, I think will be a women bashing book. The sole purpose of Christianity and the Church is not so that women and children feel safe and secure all the time. That is a promise that we were never made. I'm baking this idea more...
Blue toenail polish has been my signature color for awhile now. Dusty says it looks like I kicked a smurf. But apparently its the "in" color right now. I think I should be getting some royalties for this trendsetting. Don't you?

My new fave quote. From Wild at Heart: "Let people feel the weight of who you are, and let them deal with it." I tend toward sparing people the madness that is me. I should give them more credit and the privilege of knowing the weight of me. I'm still baking this too...

And just because I'm sure there is SOMEONE out there that I haven't shown these to yet, this is my army of Monkey cupcakes that I made for a friends baby shower. She went and messed up the shower by having the baby three weeks early on that day...but i guess we will forgive her.

(My favorite are the bottom three See No Evil...Hear No Evil....Speak No Evil.) And she said I wasn't domestic...

By far the best idea to rattle in my melon lately is one that is coming at me from a few different sources, but one recently this morning. The mental ascent to Christianity is not enough. Knowledge about Jesus is no more a relationship with him than, say, stalking some love interest...even the most diligent stalkers are still on the other side of the glass. Coming in thru the door, requires courage and less of a brain that you would think. Good news for the masses of un-intellectuals. Good news indeed.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Two 'hook blades' and a bummer.

Today I pity those who wont be born until tomorrow and those who died yesterday.

It was the most Beautiful of days. I let Fred and Marsha serenade me with "O' Happy Day' on my car CD player. I started running around doing errands and then decided against wasting this blue crispy sunny day inside my car.

I put my my legs in cutoff jeans, my hands in some dirt, and pulled weeds. Then I put my back in a hammock, and my nose in a book. I hosed some windows off, and borrowed the neighbors weed whacker instead of fixing my own (it's what neighbors do, right?) I broke theirs more and returned it. That IS what neighbors do. It was a good day.

Friday night was much different weather-wise, yet it still left me with such an impression. Maybe it was the great dinner company and my family's laughter. Maybe it was the sigh at the end of a long week, but I suspect it was something more.

I drove home from dinner through a field, just past nighfall, where the roads have no lines and no shoulders. The lighting flashed silently in the distance on either side of me. Thunder rolled in many seconds later. The fields were waving and dancing in renowned anticipation. But I don't believe a drop of rain fell. The whole air was filled with electricity as I slipped the window down and breathed deeply. The sweet smell of rain and the assault on my other senses made me giddy. Something about the dark burgundy brown color of the sky and the sweetness made me think of Dr. Pepper. The "random" cd I just burned from my music library clicked to my favorite classical music song (Sursum Corda by Elgar) I turned it up. I was at the symphony and before I knew it, my eyes filled up with girly tears and I'm singing to a song with no words on streets with no names. Funny how the song had no words, yet I knew how to sing it, and the strees had no names and I knew exactly where to go. Sometimes it's like this.

Sometimes people set off fireworks outside my bedroom window at 1:00am on a Tuesday. Sometimes it's like that.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Round One

Last Friday something they are classifying as a 'derecho' ripped through my hometown. My parents are fine and infact my dad's insurance office with the State Farm catastrophe team is shown below. Everyone is a little nervous about what is about to come through tonight.

Monday, May 11, 2009

FW: Lost Costume


I need your help.

I have a LOST finale part to go to on Friday night back in Champaign, but… I need a good creative costume idea. Last year I went as Juliette (see attached)…..but this year has to top that.

Any ideas??

--Stacy :)

From: Lindsey Merrill
Sent: Monday, May 11, 2009 10:26 PM
To: Stacy Ingram
Subject: RE: Lost Costume

When I saw this subject line, I thought it was a search for a missing costume.

You could go as any of the below (stream of conscious brainstorms by yours truly)

The Hot Pocket.

Someone with a lei.

If you had a cool white wig you could be Eloise, you could carry a metronome and a rifle.

Has anyone tried being the smoke monster?

Miles (you have to carry a baby that is also named Miles).

Young Ben, wearing John Lennon glasses and carrying sandwiches.

(Hmm I'm noticing a lack of good funny female characters).

Charlotte with a fake bloody nose. Red wig, awful accent. (ooh I like this).

You could go as a half-Kate, half-Juliette like those half-man half-woman people in Vegas… on your Juliette side of your face you would have to wear half a set of wax lips that don't move when you talk. In fact, I think the whole Juliette side of your face would have to be a mask. The kate side, of course, has freckles.

A hydrogen bomb.

You could also go as the two Sayids, the half a straight-haired version, half-geri-curl version. Ew. Don't do that. Unless you happen to have a habitat for humanity yellow shirt lying around.

Faraday's bedridden girlfriend.

And of course I'm going to blog this exchange.


Friday, May 08, 2009

Convo with Mom.

My parents just went thru a tornado down in Fredericktown.  Before I call out the humor, I must say that they are totally fine.
Some really high winds knocked over a ton of trees in my parent's densely wooded sub-division.  Trees are crisscrossing the roads so that people (my dad included cannot get to their homes).  Dad parks his truck as far in as he can get and proceeds to hike to the house.  It took him 30 minutes to hike this distance.  The combo of wind and trees falling made it a little dicey. 
I called my mom and got the scoop.  I would be a little bit excited to see how i would fare without certain creature comforts.  She was not as excited about two weeks without electricity and hunting rabbit. 
"Lindsey, we can't hunt rabbits... we have no OVEN and no FREEZER!"
Oh.  Ok.
"Well, I knew the electricity was supposed to go out so I filled the bathtub up with water so we would have water to flush the toilets, but I forgot to fill yours and Dusty's up too..
"Gosh Mom, there is no room for mistakes like that.  There is probably NO where to go to the bathroom outside, what with all the trees gone and stuff!"
"I also took a shower this morning since I knew I may not get to take one in a long time, but I am ALREADY sweaty!"
"All we have is two bottles of water and some green tea, and no food.  We just have the water in the bathtubs and the gas in the car to charge the phones by!"
"Mom I will bring you some food."
"I don't think you can get in, I think the cars on the highway (into the subdivision) are backed up.. heck all the way to Farmington..(18 miles)."
"How do you know that?"
"I don't.  Well the girls in the office in town have been telling us things.  They are calling in the National Guard."
"Do you want to come stay with me?"
"I don't know yet, give us a day to figure things out.  Some Mothers day for ME!"
"Hah, oh by the way.. the present I bought you on Amazon didn't come in on time.  I gave the wrong credit card number."
"Sorry to add insult to injury.  I even had it express shipped and it just never came".
"Don't worry about it, I haven't gotten my mom anything either.  It's yet to be determined."
"I don't know what that means."
"I don't want to waste anymore battery"
"Ok Mom, let me know if you need anything."