Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Munster Windows

Happy Easter.
It was quiet here.
It snowed, and was still.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Congratulations to the WU bears on their FIRST ever national championship!!

I am sort of in love with Troy Ruths. He also owns 2 companies and has a 4.0 GPA.

Don't tell him though...

Or..heck yeah tell him...

Now there are four womens banners and a dude-banner for Washington University Basketball!
(And eleven Volleyball banners... yeah eleven...)

Sunday, March 16, 2008


All kinds of happy is happening.

Congratulations to Katie and "Patick" Murphy on their new little huge-headed boy Finnegan Henry! Cant wait for this kid to grow up.

And Deb and Josh keep posting good news about doctors and divine appointments reminding me that God is in the details. Engineers always say that the Devil is in the Details, and yesterday, some sales-guy said "The Devil is a squirrel". No one was quite sure what that meant. Anyway, yay for Josh and Deb! Keep them in your prayers.

JD and Linz are due soon and I can't wait for their race of superhumans to commence. Love You guys! I'm sure her little head is going to be huge too. Linz.. look out!!

Hooray that "Lil' miss awesome" (like the shirts) is coming to visit for a week! I'm delirious with happy to have a visitor. Hooray that I have a week off from the job and get to toddle around Switzerland with my girl crush.

Hooray that Deana has google chat and now we "Talk, you know... 'toalk'.. dogs... daughters... you know, no big whoop"

Hooray for Debbie Holley, what a gem!

Hooray that my parents are also coming over later in April!

Hooray that I ate the BEST raspberry desert last night I've EVER tasted. Like WOW. Hot melty berries swimming in a little vanilla-creme jacuzzi. Oh delights!

Hooray thay my new roomies are frikkin' awesome. My one roomate played the viola in college and does it like REALLY well, she also kills monkeys. (The kinds on your back, not like the real banana-eating kind.) My other one I have known for years from a safe distance, but that gap is closing. Hooray for meeting new people and deepening with old people, and finding a church small group over here has made this feel (dare I say) like home.

Hooray for sun, for cherry blossoms and flowers and longer days and gorgeous sunsets over the Rhein every night. And you would not believe how many times a week God kisses me and just paints a shimmery rainbow across the sky. As if he's trying to tell me something and give me flowers all at the same time.

Hooray for having good times, but being aware that I slip into the bad times just as fast, and knowing that God is equally pleased with me during both because of that Jesus guy.

Everyone needs to read Gospel U like thirteen times. With a highlighter and a magnifying glass. Everyone needs to not have a haircut for three months...Ew.

Hooray for Jim Roach... you sly dog. You owe me an email.

Hooray for getting sick while skiing, having to come home early on the train by yourself, but getting some of the best reading (and sleeping) in that finally turned some God-switch on about how it's possible to life your life and not feel terrified that you are doing it wrong all the time. Yeah double hooray for that.

Hooray that I am, on my own, pretty much a crappy person, morally bankrupt, spiritually dead, mean to people sometimes and incapable of anything good.. Hooray I say because GOD is the sole source of all my 'Hooray's because he picks up people-carcass and breathes life into it like it's His job and makes the Dry Bones dance to "Shackles" by Mary Mary in the kitchen floor of a Swiss efficiency apartment.

Hooray that I am up and going to CHURCH right now. Finally.

And hooray for clean laundry and Marple. The long lost Roomit.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Prince William...where are you???

Welcome to Davos-Klosters. Best ski day of my entire short ski-life. This is apparantly where the royal family goes skiing, and I can not say that I blame them. WONDERFUL slopes, beautiful snow, the haze burned off in the afternoon and it turned just gorgeous outside. Perfect fresh powder, not crowded, because the day started off snowy and most lifts were closed so not many people stayed. It was perfection. I didn't fall once. That was good too. Rental boots were so good, that I bought them! Yeah! Finally I have my own ski boots. First time I didn't want to amputate both of my legs after a day on the slopes. The secret is to pop two advil before and then life is good.

Waiting...for like, an hour for Ashley to travel 15 feet to be in the picture.

Finally Ashley gets there.

Shannon, Ashley in her crazy yellow pants, Me Tami, Alistair (consequently NOT Irish after all...just a randy Englishman and contrary to popular belief, NOT Prince William), and Jill (post face-plant).

And my bed, in the new apartment. (where i now have wireless). Where I finally crashed a good crash, after a wonderful perfect day. A hook-blade day.