Wednesday, January 28, 2009


As I sadly drag myself out of the warmth and peace of my bed, little flashes of light spew out of my blanket.  I can see the static electricity because it is still dark.   My dry static hair reminds me of seaweed when I bring a brush to it.  All the little follicles want to grab on to my brush but not to each other after it's pulled through.  The bathroom floor is cold and clammy.  The skillet on the stove was warm and crackly. (How about that?  I cooked).

Dusting off my car this morning was fluffy and wonderful.  I actually take too long to do it, because I am mostly playing.  Crisp, red-faced memories of childhood flood me.  Huddling around the radio for school closing information.  The dryer crammed with soggy mittens.  Finding the dog in a snow bank. Remembering my dad telling me that this kind of snow is no good for snowmen.  

I warmed up a bit with a white-knuckled tip-toed rear-wheeled drive into work.  Warmed up a lot more after a quick workout at the gym.  I wear my big warm black boots, and cranked the space heater under my desk.   I watched the trees outside my window with their white burdens blowing off of them.  Their post-war frozen arms and legs are victoriously strewn about the street.   I don't always drink cocoa, but I did today. 

I don't wanna miss it, this life. 

Ate some crow over the weekend and it didn't taste too bad.   New Lindsey IS a stud, but not so much at Volleyball anymore, and maybe not as much at speaking in front of peeps as she would hope.  But it's no big deal.

And less vaguely… I read a book this past weekend that agreed with my take on Balance.  That it's a dumb Christian-ese word that is nowhere to be seen in the Bible.  Paul was not a 'Balanced' guy.  He didn't divide his life into a prioritized pie-chart that said:  25% in-chains gospel preaching.  25% receiving beatings, 25% feeding the poor, ….etc.  he was at the beck and call of Jesus.  He just was.  He was salt when he was asked to be --  mundane, common, not the main course, sparse.  He was light when he was asked to be.  Visible, profound, definitive, big, pushing dark away and drawing life to it.   It was nice to hear someone else write it.  That I'm not nuts for thinking Balance is a silly thing.  That sometimes when I work late and get no sleep, and sometimes I sleep late and miss work.  It's, of course not quite that simplistic, but the idea is one that I have been trying to defeat.  That somehow, if you hold your body just right, if you constrain just right, you somehow won't fall off this tightrope and crash into the leering jeering onlookers below.

This weekend I am off to kick start the ski season.  Not to mention a slew of short trips to mop up the rest of my frequent flyer miles.  It will pale in comparison to last year, but only if I let it.   I'm pretty sure mountains are all still awesome.  I'm pretty sure my feet will hurt the same whether I've been skiing the Alps or the Rockies…and I'm pretty sure I'll laugh just as hard since Tami and company will be there to re-hash last year's ski-stories.   I'm pretty sure that I WON'T be eating Diet Coke and Cookies for breakfast.

I pray you are warm.  Or thinking warm thoughts.

(How about that?  I pray. )

Friday, January 23, 2009


Libby just got trained to use the new emergency defibrulator paddles in our office building. 
Dave, my favorite crazy co-worker who used to play hockey for the Pittsburg Penguins after getting his degree from MIT, asks her a la Dennis Hopper in Speed: 
"Libby, say, for example, I am sitting across from you and I just read that Obama is promising a tax-cut to all the white-honkey's and then I have a heart attack right in front of you, and THEN Jeff Biskup (our company's owner) walks by at the same time and HE has a heart attack; which one of us do you save?  What do you do? What do YOU do? Which one of us do you save?" 
"Well, Dave, I guess whoever's chest I don't have to shave."

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

He's Ours Now.

A link to Ms Beth Moore's blog with a wonderful and timely invitation to pray for our newly appointed leader.

Comforting to know that our leader is bathed in prayer today as he begins his battles.

His speech was pretty brilliant, and you know, in lieu of answers and anything that resembles an actual plan or a pat answer, this does serve up encouragement and a drive to unite that is inspirational. This was a very well written speech to encourage people, all people, to pull their own weight to make our nation great again.

I know that pretty words wont solve our problems, but lifting people to believe they can solve any problem, is as good a start as any, and may have more impact than any well polished stack of paper ever could.

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."

I am hopeful.
Well done Mister President.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The above picture I think is funny.

Sparty was so proud that she drove the ball so close to mine. I was impressed as well. I can hit it pretty far for a girl and I killed that one. Sparty did too. We decided to pose.

This was back in August or something. The reason I haven't changed out my blog pic is because I LOST MY CAMERA.

The irony here, is that I lost it at a wedding because I was busy explaining how my key-finder worked. "You see here, everyone, this beeps when Jill laughs or when Heather laughs, or when Mariah Carey is on the radio, but never when I am actually whistling for my keys. Look at it! It's hilarious! I'm NEVER going to lose my keys AGAIN. " Yeah. Fist-pump.


I'm overwhelmed with cyber words. I want to write more, but it assumes some bit of ego-tism that people care what you have to say.

I have stuff to say. It's only reorganizations of things I have said before....It's percolating.

Monday, January 05, 2009


Fontbonne men just played a game where they scored 145 points. 
145-163.  I think one team made 35 three pointers.