Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Murly Christmas

I have a week off from Indiana, and I already spent a wonderful weekend with my family for Christmas.  This year, for some odd reason, my immediate family decided to open our gifts the day before Christmas Eve.  That meant that Christmas Day was for SLEEPING IN!!!  That equals best Christmas Day ever.  Dinner that day was grilled cheese sandwiches, not even copious ones.  We almost had to use heels, and we definitely had to dip into the cheddar, which, we all know doesn't hold a candle to the melty goodness of velveeta...Then we watched Pirates 2.  I don't care what anyone says, I liked it.  It was an impossible movie to do a sequel to, and I thought it was fabulous.  Can't wait for number three.
More Later.. .My body is still digesting the pile of food it ate this week...not enough juices to write....

Hey YOU want G-mail?  I can hook you up...

Monday, December 18, 2006

Counting Crows.

The trees are heavy with crows. Saturated...I can't even begin to assign a number..thousands? Yes it's thousands. A dark fluid cloud of 58,000 crows plague the city.  Like a scene from a Hitchcock movie, they swarm in a giant amoeba above the tree tops, snagging on the thick branches now and again.    I crane my neck to the front of the window of the truck to see them circling overhead.  The black long arms of the cloud seem to be performing an incantation rite above the cauldron that is Terre Haute.  Aimlessly, they wander, purposeless, dark and strange.
I understand that feeling sometimes, my friends.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More Shrapnel from my Brain Cloud.

Black Hair Dye, yipes.

Awkward Situations.

Rainy Indiana

Madly in Love

Tripped and Fell over a Rug that was advertising safety in the workplace

Feeling stupid at work

Feeling pretty good at work

Feeling pretty cold at work

Miss my best friends.

Houlihans, Kayaks, Kaldis whatever.

Miss my Missouri Life

Still stuck in Indiana for awhile.

Brother is the best guy on earth, no kiddin.

TM is up there too.

No two guys would I rather have in my man-rig.

Christmas is merry.

Vmars was not on TV last night.

Who else is NOT a fan of Hayley Duff?? what the heck.. you're all "Vote for Summer" and all of a sudden you get to host an award show with Reverend Camden? Pshaw.. as if.

Bible Study teleconferences with TM, unbelievable.

God is so big.

Artie... heh. Heheeheh. HAAHAHA. We all have had imaginary friends, haven't we?

"DO not be afraid, Abram..I am your sheild. Your very great reward." (even though you lied about your wife being your sister twice i am the LORD and I will use you anyway..)

Proof of me being the biggest losesr: Retainers, badges, powercords, alarmclocks, phone chargers, phone numbers, sewer checks, receipts,

Willie and Annie prankin me on the day of Willie's birf. Not fair.. but funny.

Miss volleyball, because I need a vetrinarian.. because my pythons are SICK.

I can't even type that with a straight face.

I wonder how people really see me. I know the way I see me is so distorted.

I wonder how God sees me. My twisted mind says no one could possibly see the good, my sinful nature says the truly bad isn't that bad... how far from the truth.

Beth Moore reunion is new and not a rerun? How can that be?

I wonder if I will ever live as simply and as freely as Jesus would want me to? For my sake, not only his.

I wonder if I will ever make a good mom. I'm so selfish.

I wonder if I will ever trim my toenails again. I'm going for a Guiness over here.

I wonder if JL knows what an idiot she is, what a gold mine she has. Had? Has? who knows.

I wonder if anyone really eats the pickles at the chinese buffet in Terre Haute that are in the big vat inconveniently located next to the cottage cheese compartment... ahem... ew.

I wonder if anyone reads me anymore. I've become sparse.

Biggest Losers is on.. Crying. Slightly comforting to know that in order to lose 50% of my body weight, I would have to chop a leg off. Even thought I eat the sausage biscuits at the Drury Inn breakfast buffet with no shame.

Hotel comforters... can they even be classifed as such?

If you are reading this and you are in Missouri..or Illinois, or Pennsylvania, or California, or Texas, or Minnesota, or Washington....chances are I miss you.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Take Another Very Painful Vote...

What is the WORST part about finding the retainers (that you thought were thrown away by a cleaning lady at the Drury Inn) neatly tucked in the least likely place, the retainer case, that is actually in your purse.
A.  You are out 100 bucks.
B.  You had to cancel a perfectly good dentist appointment, miss work, and drive thru an ice storm to get said retainers made.
C.  You are just a complete and TOTAL idiot.
Oh the horror.