Thursday, October 30, 2008

Like the blooming of flowers....

I was reminded by Singram, that not ONLY is the Daylight savings day approaching, but ALSO during this period of time there is another fall event to be given due consideration. In our office, and I would dare to assume in other offices across this fine land of ours and across the world, the internal clocks of men, much like the migration pattern of birds, make the switch from polo’s or long sleeve button-up shirts to the full-on diamond pattern turquoise blue Cosby sweaters.

That’s right folks.. the “Fall Cosbinox” is quickly approaching.

It’s not on a calendar…it’s written only on the hearts of men.

(Credit for the term ‘Cosbinox’ goes solely to S. Ingram, THE funniest person ever).

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pics of October

Beauty for Ashes, Strength for Fear, Gladness for Mourning, Peace for Despair.
Tradin' in God's store is pretty rad.
You know what ELSE is RAD??? The fact that I get my favorite day of the year this year!!!  That's right folks, the most glorious day of the year is upon us and I cannot tell you how antsy I am for my 'extra' hour.  I think I like it more than Christmas.   Which is why last year was such a bummer.  Some of my friends were lucky enough to get it TWICE last year...and I got it ZERO times. 
But Jealous Lindsey is gone.
So THIS Lindsey super happy that some people got it two times last year and also that I am getting it this year!  Yes m'am.
I mean think about it.. a whole extra hour to do whatever it is you want. 

Friday, October 24, 2008


Duster-Buster got out.  :(
He had a great Round 6 and pulled a dramatic 412 out to go to the next round of eight people (made my Mom scream) but then eventually got beat out.  He did great, and his last ball was 390yds which you would think would be enough...but the fourth place in that group was 402!   IN SANE.  Tons of people were hitting up in the 400's.  Dust hit two of those.  Dusty says it's hard to see your number up on the board at 402 only to look over and see that you've been out driven by 20 yds! 
So proud of my brother... he did awesome! 
And Liz, I got to go to ZION!  I'll post pics soon, lovely! 


update from mesquite...dusty is into round 5. his long ball 405yds...i
want to throw up....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

See ya next Fall.

Today I tried to break my legs off at the shins.  I was moving cubicles from my stuffy corner to a new one with a nice big view of a dirty window.  I had the bottom file cabinet drawer open and I turned to quickly in my new surroundings and forgot it was there, somehow wedged both my feet under the drawer, and my upper body kept going, arms windmilling trying to stop that forward momentum.  I, somehow, managed to unwedge my feet from the carpet and sort of handstand tuck and roll over it before I broke any bones.  It was scary, but totally hilarious.  A few things, I think, contributed to this event...
A. I had my shoes off because my legs were bothering me from overdoing it at Physical Therapy so i was shuffling around a little like Estelle Getty in a penguin suit all day. I think if I had kept my heels on, I wouldn't have gotten myself wedged under the drawer.   (I have a couple of nice bruises on my shins to match the contact dermatitis I have acquired from doing PT with the latex stretchy bands. It throbs and flashes like a little neon sign on my ankle. Soo preeety.)
B.  Brian* my Physical Therapist.  He's tiny has an adorably slight lisp and plays Rugby.  He is super nice, and says he's impressed with my drive and willingness to work hard.  I let that go to my head fairly regularly but then I realize he also works with six-year-olds and sixty-year-olds and people recovering from carpal tunnel from using the TV remote.  Brian also runs marathons and he's a male, so I'm pretty sure he isn't that "imprethed" with me.  I digress.  Basically my pride is the reason I increased the weight when I shouldn't have, I would like to blame Brian, and perhaps I will. Two days ago I could touch my toes (which is HUGE improvement for me) and today I can't straighten my leg even if i'm standing straight up.  I have toxic hamstrings and I have been muttering "Oil Can" all day.  It's a such a strange, deep, chemical soreness that I can't accurately describe how painfully annoying it's been and how slowly I am moving. (Wait! No I did, Estelle Getty, penguin suit...but maybe she is also on acid).
C.  Coworkers seem to think this final factor played the biggest role in the 'near miss'.   I was at the office at 6am today.  Scratch that, TEN TIL 6am. Today. In the MORNING. yeah.. ME.  Talking to India on a conference call. I don't even like talking to America before noon.  By the afternoon I was almost delirious from being awake so early and was sneezing from inhaling the dust I'd generated from the office move. 
All of these together are why I decided to leave work at 3 and sleep for two hours.  I need this upcoming Vegas vacay.  
* Does anyone else always type "BRAIN" first when trying to spell '"BRIAN"??

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Of Note

My brother fixed my toilet leak!  That is happy.

Gas prices are down.

I finally found dried strawberries after years of searching.  (NOT the freeze dried kind)

Brian, my Physical Therapist is killing me in a good way.

Had a meeting where the fearless leader of our company stated “Ain’t that as weird as a bag of chips?”


I just work here.




Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hard not to laugh...

My uncle is unharmed, but is joining me in physical therapy! 
Aunt Norma is such a trip and is NO WHERE near senile and too old to drive! This article has no idea how old she is!  It just says the man was 75.  Norma is sharp as a tack and this was simply the kind of mistake that runs (over) in my family.  We just do stuff like this.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I Am Legend


A few nights ago I read the manual to the new washing machine. In English AND Spanish.
This morning I turned the lights on in my Office building for the first time in my now SEVEN count 'am SEVEN year stint at "whatever it is that I do".   (Reading between the lines it means I was the first person at the office... that has never happened before...I have many times been the last...but never the first....). 
I sat in a Walgreens parking lot between PT and Volleyball tonight reading a magazing and listening to random magic sermon CD's that were given to me by God because we could not determine from whence they came.. only I'm sure they missed their intended recipient because these CD's were on husbands and wives submitting and stuff.  Return to sender.
The shoulder and knee do not feel better.  Elbow and back feel worse.  Is this worth a 25 dollar copay every time??  I do not know yet.
I don't have cable...good.
I am stealing wireless...bad.
It's going away.  It has to.
It's a good life.  I think there is purpose, even here.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

I thought these pictures were so precious I had to post them. Taken inmpromtu on our office's winery trip to Hermann, MO. (Never's beautiful)

This is Jim and Gail. A-dorable.