Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Awwwwww CREEP OUT!

Uh.  SO the following pieces of "art" are hanging at my present employment location.  They say the definition of "art" is anything that elicits an emotion.  Thus, I think this does qualify as "art".  I am sufficiently creeped out.  All the time.  Some of these are in the kitchen areas...and I didn't even come close to capturing everything that deserved capturing.  Tell me I'm not crazy to think these are odd at best?

Nothing like a "pig-rooster-fish".  In the kitchen.
"Laser Dog"
The family that doesn't know what to do with it's hands.
Ok this is not super creepy, since I found out it was for an ad campaign back in the day.
This smacks of severed body parts.
This wasn't creepy since I actually was in Switzerland and they do have a profound number of hard-boiled eggs, but otherwise, I would have found this odd.

Hey. This is how people used to "measure" stuff back in the day. Let's hang it up!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dear Diary

Last night I arrived at the Hampton making excellent time from Chicago.  Except that the rental car clock was wrong.  It was not that excellent after all, but I didn't know that until morning.  I got to my room more than half an hour after I parked the car and thought WOW that check in was long.  However, that was no stretch because check in WAS long.   They didn't have my reservation but that gave me time to boot up my computer, which gave me time to capture this funny sign.  The Hampton has a "guest of the day". 

Today it was NOT Barbra BogetHmm.   Shame on her.  Wonder what she did....  asked for too many towels...rented by the hour?   Oppressed Mark Phillippe?   I do not know how one becomes Guest of the Day or what one gets for being said Guest of the Day.  I know there is a special parking place, but beyond that I am unclear.  

 I proceeded to arrive at work ("early?, no LATE, no no phone is right ON TIME, whew, OK") was immediately whisked up to the area above the production room ceiling.  A literal stainless steel forest of pipes, hangers, duct and cables.  "Don't step here, but don't worry if you do, the safety nets will catch you.  We have never tested it, but it's prolly good."
I was literally on my stomach at 8:30 this morning clinging to a steel beam.

Later I ate at Jimmy John's.  I didn't know that they were quite SO fast... I mean I had literally just handed over my visa and my number 16 sub was thrust back into my hand with my receipt.  I was further impressed when two delivery boys came sprinting out of their cars into the shop for more orders.  And I was a bit less impressed when not one, but BOTH of them completely independently "forgot" something, had to go sprinting back in for something else, and BOTH of them came back out and tripped over themselves.  One guy got completely tangled up in his own empty delivery box as he was maneuvering it out the door.  Maybe Jimmy John's business plan is just inefficient.  But I'm absolutely sure I could work there.  They didn't call me Mach 10 for nothing.   

Several of random conversations with strangers.
"You must play volleyball."  "Yes, I do, and Basketball." (security guard at airport)
"You must play volleyball."  "Yes, I do, and Basketball."  (co-worker lady in the bathroom)
"You must be wicked smart." "Yes, I am." (enterprise guy)
"Must not be too smart, because you could be saving money on one of our corporate deals...." (enterprise guy)