Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Since being Pregnant...

List of Weird Dreams.

More on the general state of Pregnancy later.

1. Dreamt that I had the baby early on two separate occasions. One was a girl with no nose, and one was a boy with full goatee.

2. Dreamt that I have shot two people now. The son of the man who operates our local deli, and a random stranger who was in my high school.

3. Dreamt that I have been slated to play college basketball again, for some magical fifth year, and was woe-fully ill prepared, no shoes, no jersey, wrong jersey, not a single day of practice under my belt, etc. (Have had this dream about 4 times now, including once where my ‘boyfriend’ Gary Coleman was in the stands, and once where immediately after, I was scheduled to perform as the lead in a production of Les Miserables)

4. Dreamt that I had a liturgical Role in Leigh Abernathy Cannons “wedding” which was like no event Leigh would EVER plan, and certainly not the man she married. Included the most Hitchcock-like release of VULTURES instead of doves at the end. I knew none of my lines, and the wedding was absolutely hideous and covered in heavy dusty velvet tapestries with gold tassels and such.

5. Dreamt I killed some close family members Dexter-Style (they shall remain nameless because I am not entirely sure which ones they were). With no regret except that Luke and I hid the bodies in a bad place. The closet of a lake house that was for sale and being shown regularly by realtors. “We need to have a talk” I told him when I woke up.

6. Dreamt I had my vehicle taken over by Dave Geiser and his three kids (Dave only has two) and they boarded my Equinox from a moving vehicle on the highway while wearing black hooded cloaks. Then, after dropping them off at their destination, I left my car and returned to find the ENTIRE Iowa State Men’s basketball team and three cheerleaders sleeping in my car, and they trashed it.

7. Dreamt my house burned down. This was the most horrible yet.


Matt Blazer said...

wow.... I'm glad you didn't kill any of your pastors, but sad you are having crazy dreams.

Courtney Patch said...

wowza. the baby with the full goatee is still one of my fav fb statuses to see. ever.