Monday, January 30, 2012

Ok. Lets do this.

Thanks for your stories and your advice, all.

I have made the decision to actively pursue a natural childbirth in a hospital.  (Hooray).

I feel I've educated myself, some additional stories have reassured me that this is a well and good (and achievable) path to take.   Now that I have signed up for pre-natal yoga, a Bradley class, and just flat out think that I CAN do it... my mind is easing tremendously.

If the train crashes and I need the drugs in the middle, it wont be the end of the world or of my pride, as long as the baby is healthy.

But I will do everything I can to prepare myself mentally, physically and practically... then let the chips fall.    There can't be anything wrong with that plan.

We are truly fearfuly and wonderfully made.


Anne said...

You go girl! :)

Joanna said...